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A Lonely Heart

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A Lonely Heart

Our eyes meet

Your smile invites me over

I return the smile but look away

You probably wouldn’t like me that way

But I really want to say hello

The heart sings out yes

But my answer is no


I wonder

There’s got to be a way

Would it be better if you came to me?

No! I’m sure you wouldn’t care for what you see

But I want so badly to know

My heart shouts out yes

But the answer is no


The emptiness comes

I’ve been here before.

Another chance has gone with the wind

And I’m back with the question of what could have been

I’m lonely and feel it’s best if I go

The answer is yes

And my heart cries out no


Hyllest til kongen av Pop

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Da Michael Jackson døde 25. Juni 2009 satt jeg med mine 10 billetter fordelt på to konserter til This Is It tour og så med vanntro at barndomshelten min var borte.  Kammeratjengen min som skulle reise til London for å  se The King of Pop for første gang skulle aldri få sjansen. Jeg hadde sett han live to ganger før, i 92 og 97 på Valle Hovin, noe jeg er veldig glad for nå.

Kom på her om dagen at jeg skrev en tekst for mange år siden under rettsaken. Jeg har redigert litt på den og den får bli min hyllest til MJ her på bloggen.

The brightest star

Growing up there was one thing for sure

That my hero in life was on top of the world

No one could reach his blistering heights

He trilled me with joy and wonderful delight

Feeling the groove from the beats and the sound

Lifting me up, up from the ground

He opened my eyes for dancing and song

For me that was the time when music was born


As time went by you were still number one

But some people meant the sparkle was gone

Other things became the focus in the news

And when that happens, it’s easy to loose

Still able to evolve in the chancing times

It became harder to separate the truth from the lies

But the sound in the speakers still left me in awe

Your magic was there, still giving me more


You were the brightest star of all

Sparkling clearly in the sky above

You were the brightest star of all

Entertaining the world with just one glove

You were the brightest star of all

Reaching this young boy’s curious soul

You were the brightest star of all

The brightest star of all


Whatever the future might bring to us all

The memories from childhood forever is stored

Remembering what made us who we are today

In my case a unique superstar dancing away

I will always be grateful for what you gave to me

And now that you are gone, it’s empty you see

You gave us all your magical touch

I just want to say: Thank you so much

Noen gamle tanker som er like aktuelle

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I skrivende stund er jeg veldig nære med å tre inn i arbeidslivet igjen. Er på opptrening i fantastiske Rauland der personalet og «innsatte» er helt fantastiske. Målet med arbeid og fotball virker nærmere nå enn på mange år. Krysser fingra for at ting skal fortsette i riktig retning. Noe av det vi lærer på Rauland utenom trening er å jobbe mentalt og leve i nuet. Med det i tankene legger jeg ut en tekst som jeg skrev for fire år siden som er like aktuell for meg enda. Tar forbehold om skrivefeiler 😉

The moon is dancing

We all have our times of trouble, of fear

When the road seems long

And nothing is clear

The hurt in the chest cuts like a knife

The spirit is low

In this hard school of life


All the bad thoughts polluting the mind

The feeling is stuck

And hard to unwind

What can one do to heal a hurt soul?

The answer could be

Just outside the door


Come and see
(The moon is dancing)
The sky so clear
(The moon is dancing)
You feel so free
(The moon is dancing)
Come and see
(The moon is dancing)


The medicine of life, so easy to miss

The colour of the clouds

A mother’s kiss

These are the things that lift us up high

Millions of stars

Protecting the sky


Look into your mind with wondering eyes

As you soon will see

The answer there lies

There’s no limit of what love can bring

Trust me on this

Hear the angels sing


Come and see
(The moon is dancing)
The sky so clear
(The moon is dancing)
You feel so free
(The moon is dancing)
Come and see
(The moon is dancing)